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1. How many times a day do you say the word nigger?about 10 depends on who im with.
2. How many times a day do you say the word jew?hah nah i dont say jew that much
3. If you have any interesting racial slurs, please list them below:"jiggaboo" "junglebunny"
4. How often do you drink on a week to week basis?i recently stop drinkin but when i do...id have to say 3-4 times in a month.
5. What's your favorite beer?Guinness or Shiner Bock
6. What's your favorite liquor?Bacardi 151
7. How horny do you get under the influence of alcohol?Very horny
8. What's your favorite bar?well theres not many good bars in this town
9. Do you drink because you enjoy the taste of alcohol, or do you drink to get shitfaced?to get shit faced,and out of control
10. How do you feel about drinking and driving?
11. What advise would you give to recovering alcoholics or those who oppose drinking?
12. Do you have a job?not anymore
13. How much money do you spend on beer regularly (per month).not much
14. How big is your beer gut?its pretty big,but not big enuff
15. What's your favorite type of music? damn...shit i dont know i like alot of diffrent kinds of music but Oi and reggae are 2 of my favorites

1. Do you believe that work is the curse of the drinking class?yes
2. Do you believe that drinking is the curse of the working class?yes
3. Do you have any DWIs or MIPs?yes
3. Does alcohol make you want to fight?yes
4. Do you:

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