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Someone start drama with me, i never get shit talked to me about anything, i feel left out. Last night while slaving for school, we found out we didn't have an exam today afterall, it's in one week so bad ass for us. I went to sleep at 5am, i lost track of time while playing my guitar and eating a soup i let get cold. Then i went to bed and woke up at about 10am, went to school and registered for the fall semester. oh yeah, I saw Blaine,an old friend of mine, at school yesterday. He says that he's gonna be living in the dorms during the summer so i'm sure i;ll be seeing that scumbag in the future. Then we came home and ate then i went to sleep, amanda said i was making weird noises like i was taking a shit or something. I had to pry amanda off of the computer and here i am. I think we're gonna go to Jack in the Box and scarf down some fries with some buttermilk sauce. I always used to hate trying new food mainly because the wider the variety the more you eat and the fatter you get. Now i try just about anything, damn i suck. I remember when me and amanda started going out, i harfly ate anything and i was thin, now i eat like i used to and i'm fatter now. i got out of the habit of working out, so now my bones are weaker, but i can still kick ass. Oh well, i guess i'll stop writing cuz no one cares but me. Peace!
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