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What a Stupid, stupid weekend

Friday-started drinking the pbr with the band. i dropped a pbr and it started spitting at me. so i had to run outside and throw it at some little girls. would that be contributing to a minor? i got nice and buzzed but everyone went home and ditched me. so i called up amanda. big mistake. she took advantage of my drunkeness and made me buy her coronas. so not cool. then we went to drink at a darkie named willis' house. black guys are funny. they drink cough syrup mixed with orange slice. we sat on his porch drinking(like porch monkeys duh) and had to run inside everytime he thought "The Man" was cruising by. i got tired of his crap and i went home.
Saturday-I stashed my leftover pbr in the backyard. that was stupid. when manuel came to pick me up i dropped another one and it started spitting too. so i threw it at the damn cat. we drank the remaing boozes at guy's house and i got my hawk trimmed. gotta look sexy for the show. i turned my backpack into an ice chest and filled it with pbr when we got to san juan. we sat around drinking in the parking lot like everyother show. then "The Man" showed up. the beer got stashed,kids got arrested and i almost peed my pants. after that we watched the show for awhile. then me and pam drank in her car. i killed two mickeys really fast and it hardly fazed me.then i lost my wallet somehow. i'm such a drunk. it rained alot. i hate the rain. then manuel and guy ditched me. they thought i got arrested. thats pretty likely but not that nite. so me and pam and linda went to cypress and checked out bread 8. i wanted to get another beer but no id. i had to wear a stupid m on my hand. manuel came back and picked me up and we split back to town. we listened to scary talks of secret societies. then i went home and cried over my lost id. how will i drink again!?!
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