I love mexicans (skinheadvonnazi) wrote in beer_nazis,
I love mexicans

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1. How many times a day do you say the word nigger?1 million
2. How many times a day do you say the word jew?see above
3. If you have any interesting racial slurs, please list them below: moon cricket
4. How often do you drink on a week to week basis?7 days a week
5. What's your favorite beer?ballantines ale
6. What's your favorite liquor?box wine
7. How horny do you get under the influence of alcohol?rape horney
8. What's your favorite bar?snuggs harbour
9. Do you drink because you enjoy the taste of alcohol, or do you drink to get shitfaced?i drink to be funny
10. How do you feel about drinking and driving?FUN
11. What advise would you give to recovering alcoholics or those who oppose drinking?dont smell my breath
12. Do you have a job?yah
13. How much money do you spend on beer regularly (per month).multiply 15 dollars time 30
14. How big is your beer gut?my pants dont fit my S.S officer suit anymore
15. What's your favorite type of music?WHITE POWER!
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