youmustrock (youmustrock) wrote in beer_nazis,

New Member!

We just got a HOT female singer!!! (*check the web page)
Now people will come to our shows for sure!!
We have a hot new look too.
Corey, Larz and Mat are going with the Aryan gay boy band look wile Herb is sticking with the "Why the fuck am I with these assholes", look.
We put Matt on another half apple for the new frontpage Photo here
And he really stands out now.
You would never think he is the shortest in the band.
Even shorter then the new female lead but those tailored platforms are still holding up pretty good.
Corey and Larz show off their MUST tattoos.
When MUST is a HUGE popular band and people ignore all the vile and nasty shit that we pull, those tattoos will really pay off.

Everyone should get a free MUST CD TODAY!!!
So get yours today because no one wants to pay for any of them.
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