irksome_blimp (irksome_blimp) wrote in beer_nazis,

Race:white and proud!

1. How many times a day do you say the word nigger? hmm....i say it whenever nessecary, so almost always
2. How many times a day do you say the word jew?quite a few
3. If you have any interesting racial slurs, please list them below: none, unless ive forgotten them
4. How often do you drink on a week to week basis?an opportunity i have
5. What's your favorite beer? PBR
6. What's your favorite liquor? its disgusting, but vodka...gets you drunk quick
7. How horny do you get under the influence of alcohol?very, very, horny...
8. What's your favorite bar?cant get into any
9. Do you drink because you enjoy the taste of alcohol, or do you drink to get shitfaced?mostly to get drunk, but every once in a while a cold beer is the best thing...especially during the summer
10. How do you feel about drinking and driving? wouldnt do it myself..but if you can control your alcohol then good for you
11. What advise would you give to recovering alcoholics or those who oppose drinking? dont preach to me
12. Do you have a job?no
13. How much money do you spend on beer regularly (per month). never had to pay, free beer is the best!
14. How big is your beer gut?cant tell it apart from the fat
15. What's your favorite type of music?77 punk/hardcore/white power/alt./grunge

1. Do you believe that work is the curse of the drinking class? damn right
2. Do you believe that drinking is the curse of the working class? no
3. Do you have any DWIs or MIPs? MIP but for tobacco and pot
3. Does alcohol make you want to fight? sometimes...i have a shitty temper as it is
4. Do you:
(ii)Bong?never have
(iii)Kegstand?whenever i can
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